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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  February 20, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york city, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: my name is jon stewart. welcome to "the daily show". my guest tonight -- this say good one. american hustle.
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american hustle director david o. russell is joining us tonight. really got a good movie. wow. now, as many of you are aware, the united states -- where we live -- [laughter] has long been at the forefront of explodable technology having advanced in two short centuries from barrels labeled tnt -- [laughter] -- to today's flying tnt barrel delivering unmanned aerial vehicles. and you know what they say, if you got 'em, smoke 'em. >> you united states has been conducting targeted killings in battlefield tour 10.5 years. 375 of these strikes under president obama. >> jon: president obama is our country's all-time leader in outside battlefield sky killing
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or bsk for those of you -- he's like barry bombs. la laugh -- [laughter] of drone strikes, if will you. but there are limits to this practice. >> for the record, i do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any united states citizen with a drone or with a shotgun without due process. >> jon: what a relief. [ laughter ] of course, that was in may. how does that statement hold up in february? >> officials confirm that indeed the obama administration is trying to decide whether it can legally launch a drone strike against an american citizen who is working with al qaeda noon unnamed foreign country. >> jon: that's our dlem maximum it's not constitution -- dilemma. it's not constitutional to kill
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an american with without due process but there's this american that we would really like to kill. but the standard as seen on tv. the standard as seen on tv -- you like that? [laughter] the standard as seen on tv due process is such a process. [laughter] lawyers and the burdens of the proof and transparency and the court drawings always with the court drawings. sure everybody looks like charles manson when you are using craypas. we know how a bush administration would handle a situation of wanting to do something that the constitution would prohibit. for instance,. >> we don't torture. >> jon: exactly. we don't torture. [ applause ] but we would also really like to get information from this guy by stripping him naked and giving
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him a sensation that he is drowning while a dog is bark at him and he would like to keep him away for a really long time. when we put it that way it sounds like torture. i know. >> senior officials in the united states government solicited information on how to use aggressive techniques. we defined the law to create their appearance of their legality and authorize their use against detainees. >> jon: hmmmm. is there a snappier way to put that. >> enhanced interrogation tech techniques. >> jon: thank you. torture, interwasn't a moral issue -- it wasn't a moral issue, it was a branding issue. [laughter] their prisoners were tortured but their decision-making never was. but the obama administration won't say we're not doing a targeting assassination of an american without due process when they could say we're
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conducting an aerial citizen reduction program. [laughter] but they won't do that because they consider themselves above that kind of simplistic chicanery but they'll get there. they'll dhail dude because ultimately what we learned is the difference between administrations is not necessarily what they do but what they say to get to do it. the president's due process on target an american is. >> we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people. >> it has to be a threat that is serious and the not speculative. >> jon: it's kind of a high bar but perhaps if one more to get mora bin call. >> an imminent threat does not require the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in
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the immediate future. >> jon: it's true that the torah says -- [laughter] -- the threat must be imminent and not speculative but to an all-knowing omnipotent god all things pass in a second so are all things not imminent? perhaps, i think -- [cheers and applause] papa can you hear me? [laughter] what else do we have to hold ourselves to? >> before any strike is taken there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. >> jon: near certainty. here is certainty and here is us. [ laughter ] near certainty which in the case of drone strikes in yemen since
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that speech equates to 66% certainty. yes, but four out of 12 did kill civilians so basically it is certainty if we're taking certainty pass fail. that's right 66% we get a gentlemen's d. but here is the thing. [laughter] i think i've learned that there's nothing an audience loves more than a math joke about killing. [ laughter ] here is the thing -- [cheers and applause] wow, that combines everything i'm uncomfortable with. why don't you just give us all herpes? [laughter] so -- [laughter] -- believe me i'm sure that technology will come out on
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televisions very soon. constitutional due process has afforded the administration an awful lot of interpret active room but at least this administration knows it has a problem as obama explained to larry king. >> one of the things we have to do is put a legal architecture in place and we need congressional help to do that to make sure that not only am i reined in but any resident is reined in some terms of some of the decisions we're making. >> jon: wow, larry king looks like (bleep) even for him. he looks -- [cheers and applause] what is in that? you've got to be kidding me? [laughter] i was young once. [laughter] but the point is the president wants congress to help stop this madness. which is why last week which senator carl levin of michigan tried to hold a hearing on the
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now a 21st century power. long gone are the days of fur behatting whipping dissidents in the street. no one informed them as they collect members of pussy riot with what appear to be pussy whips. anyway. [laughter] as retro as that display appeared be for some russia is clearly the nation of the future. jason jones has more. ♪ >> after the liberal policies of the last six years american conservatives have ended up with a simple conclusion. right now the united states of america is headed in the wrong direction. >> we know something is wrong, terribly wrong with the direction of the country. >> i may have found a conservative paradise in the most unexpected place. mother russia. in the old days conservatives would imrel at liberal -- at
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yell at liberal commies go back to russia. now it's the ultimate red state. economic policy. >> we need to rein in the spending. >> move to a fair or flat tax. >> what do they do in russia? >> we have tight budget no. budget deficit. >> what is your tax deficit here? >> 13% flat. >> 13? >> yes. >> it's created the trickliest down economy in the world. >> we have to discuss whether we can allow muslims to imgreat to the united states at all. >> we need immigrants because it's cheap labor but christian immigration is preferred to muslim. >> holy (bleep) this place is awesome. in 25 years they figured out the free market and institutionalized sceneo phobia.
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>> because we're already half power feminists in the parliament. very strong in the parliament. half men half of the women for sure. >> nothing wrong with that? >> maybe not wrong with people -- [laughter] >> who is tired after this feminist power, men? >> women, too. >> oh, my god are there any liberals in this place? >> here they call me a dirty liberal. >> meet russia as most powerful liberal. give me your left wing take on guns. >> i think we should allow russians citizens to buy guns and i was fortunate to have one during the process when supporters of kremlin came and made trouble and i used it against them. >> you shot someone? >> it was self defense and i used rubber bullets. >> and you are a liberal?
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see conservatives this place was perfect. guns check. gays triple check but what about the last big g on your agrenda. >> our government must respect religious values not silence them. >> it's its christian values this country was based upon. >> allow me to introduce the costumed mascot for this rit-winged wonderland. a self made milk billionaire who took me on a tour of his moscow headquarters. he has his own private church. >> we make it mandatory for all our employees to go to bible study courses. this is what we call he additiol education. >> if what if they say i'm a jew i don't want to good to the courses anymore. do the voice. [laughter] >> he simply doesn't want to attend such courses it's not
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because of his religion but because he doesn't want to educate himself. those employees are usually bad employees and we have to let them go. >> sure, no jesus, no job. >> i want my employees to be saved and find eternal life. >> he helps them by also firing adulterers, anyone who has had sex out of we wedlock and any wn who has had an abortion. this is amazing for christians. it's normal to have a church at your business in russia thank is insane. seriously it's -- it's insane. that's the point even conservative pat buchanan wondered if putin was one of us. conservatives when i hear this. we're losing control of our nation. i'm going to say this. >> if you don't like it go to russia. >> gay marriage is now legal in
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beautiful and real. we loved each other. you scare him and you manipulate him and you use your son. >> well, he must like it on some level. he must want it. he keeps coming back for it it's like that perfume you love you can't smelling even when it's something sore in it. you can't get enough. but guess what? he is never going to leave me. he is always going to want me and i will make you so sorry edith. i'll make you so sorry to for what you've done to my family. mark my words. >> jon: it's a really good movie. please welcome david o. russell. [cheers and applause] sit, enjoy! bravo. [cheers and applause] sit down! i want to ask you questions. sit down. >> kill them with a puddle.
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larry king. >> jon: you are on a run like nobody has been on in the film business that i can remember. the fighter, silver linings playbook now american hustle. do you sleep? do you -- how are you making such beautiful films? vup found your voice? is that what this is? are you in the zone? what are you feeling? >> i have not slept that much. yes, vip found my voice when i came back and made the film called the fighter. it's tremendous. >> jon: tremendous. >> i realize you know before to quote irving, christian bale i was making something from the ears up and you gotta come from the feet up. i came from instinct. i relate to my characters reinventing themselves. i had a humbling eight years where i lost my way, got divorced, my kid was bipolar, his to put him in a special
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school and rediscovered my story telling voice. they were people i had known my whole life. i said i love these people. i love watching them live and love and survive and what they live for, the music they love, the food they love. and romance, i never thought i would wake up and be somebody with so much romance and music in my movies. >> jon: and you feel affection for these -- whether these are individuals who are trying to reinvent themselves or just trying to live their best existence and kind of scrap through, you have great affection, even for the hustler. >> yes. >> jon: even for the ones -- is that because you've got empathy for that strug snl. >> yes. i -- struggle? >> yes. i find what i love about each one of these people and i try to tell the story of their story. that's why the script can be long. it was 170 you have to give it a haircut. it's hard to weave a tapestry of
9:24 am
five major performances and i'm very proud the actors were nominated both years. i feel empathy for them. it started with the christian bale character in the fighter. when i first read about that guy, i thought oh, my goodness i don't think i like this person but when i got to know him, you know the crack addict. [laughter] that's what he was a criminal. >> jon: sure. he had some issues. >> i met the real person. me and christian felt this way. the guy say sweetheart you. get him on a bad day which has happened. but that's true of anybody. sweetheart of a person who loves his family and his children and loves his brother. very devoted to his brother. same thing is true of this story. i love the fact that this man loved his child, loved the women in his life, loved his art, what he did, he loved duke ellington and the story we told. >> jon: such a great scene when they meet it's unfusing
9:25 am
these characters with that complexity in the short amount of time in the window thawf. that's what separates these movies a bit because they are character driven. they shouldn't by all standards shouldn't make money and yet they are making huge money. [laughter] you know what i'm say something in that is the hollywood -- they are not hollywood pictures. they are not remakes. [cheers and applause] they are not -- you are not doing remakes. there are very few talking robots in your films films who . that is my one note in american hustle. >> a talk robot that kills. i'll try to be back here with that. >> jon: show the picture of david directing. so this -- you look like you are chaperoning a terrible date. [ laughter ] this is -- you are the director and you look like they are smuggling you into tijuana.
9:26 am
tell me what that is. what is happening? >> i like to be very close to my actors. i don't like to sit at what is called video village. on many movie sets there's something called video village which is often 100 yards or more away from the sext i like to be close to them. i like them to feel me and me to feel them. take it easy. [laughter] i like to sit with a small camera to be there. a small monitor i can hold in my hand. jennifer got used to it and liked it. that is jackie houston sitting with her who plays the man who romances her. it's the scene we were shooting. it's great when i have an intuitive connection with the actors. i wrote for jennifer, bradley christian and amy. talked to them and said let's create a role worthy of you laying it all on the table with a performance with all levels of it. i'm privileged to have their friendship to write for them. >> jon: it seems to bring out
9:27 am
a spontaneity and -- >> aliveness. >> jon: and a passion. >> and a passion. >> jon: it's wonderful. congratulations. it's a remarkable achievement. american hustle obviously in the it's a remarkable achievement. american hustle obviously in the theaters now. hey! i like your ride. i just wanted to let you know... you can save a ton by switching to progressive, just like squirrel here. we offer great discounts, like responsible rider, paid in full, and homeowners. making us number one in motorcycle insurance. isn't this romantic. it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive.
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>> if you say things naturally it's fine. you know they >> tonight the, the latest from sochi, due to warm weather the bobsled is now the log flume. and surprising news from iraq, in that i'm surprised that anyone is reporting news from iraq. and my guest alexander payne directed the film "nebraska" which was shot in black and white though because it was nebraska i'm guessing mostly white.


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